Fresh food hand-outs to help homeless

By Paige Freshwater

Finding fresh food is one of the many challenges facing homeless people, but one Aigburth business owner is aiming to do his bit to help out.

Michael Lamb outside Maggie’s Farm Organics. Pic by Paige Freshwater

Michael Lamb, owner of Maggie’s Farm Organics, hands out his organic fruit and vegetables to people living on the streets to save on waste and make his produce go further.

Maggie’s Farm Organics is an independent market shop and delivery service, based on Aigburth Road and father-of-three, Mr Lamb, bought the store this year. He believes his 16-years’ experience as a youth worker influences how he runs his business.

Mr Lamb told The Burble: “It’s about me and my family eating healthily and other people eating healthily. It’s about being nice to the environment and helping people who are less fortunate.”

Government statistics show 15 million tonnes of food and drink was wasted in the UK’s food chain in 2013.

“I don’t see why anyone should be sitting there and starving on the streets, there is no need for it,” said Mr Lamb. “I just started handing stuff out when I was doing the deliveries and then when I got the shop I carried on.

“As and when I can, with whatever is left, I will do fruit boxes or get a pan of soup on the go and hand it out. I don’t like stuff going to waste or going in the bin when there are people sitting there who probably haven’t had a meal all day. It is not about me. I think that is how people should be in general.”

Mr Lamb is keen to educate people about the benefits of organic food and is planning to set up a vegan café in his store. He said: “Some people have a perception of organic food being too expensive. It is good for the earth and it is not full of toxins. It was about making organics affordable as well, which I’ve tried to do.”


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