Aigburth Station has a Merseyrail Lending Library

By Paige Freshwater

Aigburth Station is now home to one of Merseyrail’s lending libraries, a service which promotes reading and literacy to all ages.

Merseyrail were contacted by an Aigburth resident who proposed the idea of setting up a book exchange in the waiting room at the train station.

Lending Libraries have proven to be a success at stations of the Northern Line and the Wirral Line, and the resident believes the exchange would improve the waiting room and increase public access to free books.

Merseyrail’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Sally Ralston told The Burble: “I was contacted by a resident who was interested in setting up the lending library.

“She is an ex-teacher and is passionate about literacy and reading.

“Spending cuts across the country have meant that libraries have closed in various areas.

“We believe that we are helping to provide a free lending service to our communities to try and help in promoting reading and literacy to all ages.”

Since 2010 three library service points have closed in Liverpool, and the number of paid staff has almost halved.

Sally added: “Our exchanges are not meant to replace libraries.

“In fact the Wirral Line projects are supported by the Wirral Libraries and we promote the services their libraries provide at the exchanges.

“Reading is a fantastic way to relax on a rail journey and you can see many of our passengers with their heads in their favourite books on our trains.

“Anybody, not just rail users, are able to take books from these exchanges and then, when they have finished, put them back to be reused.

“Only second hand books are used, to impress upon people that books can be reused time and time again for everyone’s enjoyment.”

Volunteers of Aigburth Station’s book exchange will be monitoring the books on a regular basis to ensure they do not contain any inappropriate literature.


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