Graduates get creative

By Paige Freshwater and Sam Heyhirst

The award-winning agency, Agent Academy enlightened and inspired John Moores University students, with digital and creative career prospects.

Journalism students were welcomed to the agency last week and collaborated with Agent Academy grads to brainstorm new marketing schemes.

Agent Academy is the sister social enterprise to Agent Marketing, which was established by Paul Corcoran a John Moores University graduate.

By Paige Freshwater

The leadership development programme was founded as a solution for 16-25 year olds who are post-higher educations, but without the skills to begin their careers in the digital and creative industry.

Head of Agent Academy, Zoe Wallace, told The Burble: “The reason Agent Academy was set up was to bridge the gap between people leaving education and getting a job in the industry and we recognised that there is something to be done here.

“There is something to be done to help young people hit the ground running in the world of work.

“Small companies are more likely to take on people from Agent Academy after the work we put in to ensure their skills are up to standard within the working world.”

With an aim to transform the way education is delivered to young people, Zoe supports Agent Academy grads through the scheme and encourages them to take every opportunity they get.

Zoe added: “The team we are working with now are meeting industry professionals all of the time and are building a network.

“We try and give our students a macro awareness of how the companies we deal with run, and that awareness stands students in such good stead in interviews, because actually half of the job is done.

“If you know how the job operates and have a book full of contacts that you can call on for advice, if you’ve got that understanding of how everything works then everything else is taught very quickly.”

The industry-led enterprise focuses on developing values and socially aware young leaders who will make positive impacts in the work place.

Combining hands-on experience with active learning, the programme runs for 12 weeks and educates students on the fundamentals of marketing.

The Office Space from Mezzanine - Agent Marketing.jpg
The office space at Agent Marketing (C) Agent Marketing

Agent Academy grad, Leigh Sheridan, 21, said: “I wasn’t really sure of what my opportunities were and when I found out about Agent [Academy] and how much they interact with other businesses, I just thought it was such a unique opportunity.

“I didn’t know that places like this existed, that let you build up your contacts before heading off to employment.”

Academy students visit organisations from across the region to expand their professional networks and encourage them in their work.

Agent Academy grad, Jack Timson, 22, said: “What inspired me to join Agent Academy were the opportunities mostly, I graduated from a creative writing course at LJMU.

“I’ve realised that creative writing was such a niche market so I thought I could take the skills that I learned on the course and go to Agent Academy to explore the other side of my work.

“I still wasn’t entirely sure where I wanted to go in the market industry, but I’ve learned so much now that I have got a much clearer picture on what I can do with what I have got and what to do with what I have learned from this as well.”


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