Pauline Daniels: “Don’t act. Be real.”

By Paige Freshwater

Liverpool comedienne, Pauline Daniels entertained and inspired a Liverpool John Moores University audience, with stand-up comedy and musical outbursts.

The multi-talented comedienne, actress, and singer took centre stage at the John Lennon Art and Design Building last week, where she spoke of her accidently journey into stand-up comedy.

In her early 20s Pauline was working as a singer in a Wallasey-based Trio when one night a sore throat restricted her from singing, so she improvised and told a few jokes to fill up her remaining 20 minutes show time.

From there came a variety of comedy, musical and straight roles and she advised the students that “if you come across a door that is open ever so slightly, just knock it down and go right through it.”

She told The Burble: “The best advice I can give to you is to work hard, but always be true to yourself.

“I think the more truth and the more of yourself you put out, particularly in stand-up, the better. When it comes to doing any theatrical stuff, be real. Don’t act. Be real.”

The Birkenhead-born performer expressed her concerns about up-and-coming entertainers being taken advantage of by agents.

She added: “The only thing I worry about is that there are so many agents out there who will try and rip you off.

“You have to be careful of where you go to when you’ve left this wonderful place, because agents can be a little bit like sharks. You have got to be careful. So always be on the lookout.

“Be real and true to yourself. I think as soon as you have got your first laugh you are away.”

By Paige Freshwater

In 2009, Pauline was awarded a Fellowship by John Moores University for her outstanding and on-going contribution to the performing arts.

When addressing her audience and speaking of her Fellowship, Pauline said: “It was and as I say still is the second best thing that has ever happened to me, the other was when Tranmere Rovers got to Wembley.”

The 61-year-old told her audience about the process of accepting the Honorary Fellowship, from selecting her gown to organising a celebratory lunch with her family and friends.

“They took me away and they gowned me and literally, honest to god, they put the robe on me and I just stood and cried like a girl.

“It was just a wonderful day and then afterward I wanted to go into the local pub and have a drink.

“As I walked into my local pub there was a fella leaning across the bar, who was absolutely rotten, and he just went ‘Anybody want a game of Quidditch? Harry Potter has just walked in.’

“I thought that was lovely. I loved the whole thing.”


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