Aigburth man provides city with weather updates from a station wired into his home

By Paige Freshwater

An Aigburth meteorologist is providing the city with hourly updates from a weather station wired into his house.

Neil Fay, 43, has been posting his weather readings online for around seven years and has built a Twitter following of 10.6K.

Starting out with a thermometer, Neil now takes his predictions from a Davis Vantage Pro that is wired into the console of his house and connected to his computer.

(C) Neil Fay

He said: “I started recording just temperatures as part of my A Level Geography project back in 1991.

“I had always had an interest in the weather as a child and this carried on as part of my Human Geography degree. It has continued as a hobby and an interest since then.

“I started in 1991 with just a thermometer and I then got a small weather station later on. I got my current weather station in December 2004.”

W - 1.jpg
(C) Neil Fay

The Liverpool John Moores University graduate manages the Twitter page ‘liverpoolweath’ and the Facebook group ‘Liverpool Weather’ and posts 24/7 weather updates.

Neil’s tweets have been used by the ECHO in its live online daily coverage.

“Radio City often phones me up for a quote when there has been a weather event for their news bulletin,” added Neil. “People often tweet me for a specific forecast on Twitter. [An example of a request] My mate is getting married on Saturday, but anything after seven days is guesswork.

“So if I am requested, ‘I am getting married in March next year what will the weather be like?’ I ask them to tweet me a week before.

“I also have a Facebook page, but it is nowhere near as popular as my Twitter account.”


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