Review: Rita, Sue and Bob Too!

By Paige Freshwater

The hilariously raunchy play, Rita, Sue and Bob Too delighted its St Helens audience when Darren Day’s bare bottom made its debut on stage.

Based on the 1987 British film, the comedy play by Andrea Dunbar has returned to St Helens Theatre Royal for the fourth time in five years.

(C) Paige Freshwater

Back by popular demand, the cult classic showcases the talents of an all-star cast and headlines Darren Day (West End star) as Bob, Stephanie Dooley (Emmerdale) as Michelle, Olivia Sloyan (Blood Brothers) as Sue, Emily Fleeshman (Still Open All Hours) as Rita, Crissy Rock (Benidorm) as Mum and Duggie Brown (Coronation Street) as Dad.

Producer and St Helens Theatre Manager, Chantelle Nolan, told The Burble: “It is the fifth time we have produced Rita, Sue and Bob Too and the audience absolutely love it.

“It is really quite rude, but the audience of St Helens love it and they come back time after time. It is one of those plays that you can see five or six times and come back and think it is still really funny.

“With Darren Day being such a big name we are having people travelling from as far afield as Newcastle and we have people who are coming up from down south to see it. They just can’t believe it is on because everybody loved the film. It is great to bring it to life on the stage.”

(C) Paige Freshwater

The play tells the story of Rita and Sue, two working class girls from a rundown council estate who are about to finished their finial year at school.

While babysitting for married couple Bob and Michelle, the two girls embark on an affair with Bob and take it in turns to have sex with him in his car in the countryside.

When Michelle finds out about the affair she confronts Bob, Rita, Sue and Sue’s parents in a street scream out. She then takes the children, claims the house and leaves Bob.

Bob soon develops a preference for Rita and the two girls fall out, but the trio are reunited after Sue end up in an abusive relationship.

Darren Day told The Burble: “There is a lot of comedy in it and a lot of swearing. There is even a cheeky little bit of my bum on show at one point.

“It is great and it is such an iconic film and role. When my wife and I first got together I remember us having dinner and talking about our favourite films and songs, as you do when you are getting to know each other.

“One of her favourite films was Rita, Sue and Bob Too and I had never seen it before so we watched it. It was brilliant.

“It has been a film that we have sat and watched together, so it is quite surreal for us to be in it together. We don’t work a lot together, but we are playing husband and wife in this.”


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