Bootle FC secured an impressive 6-1 victory over Padiham

By Paige Freshwater

Bootle FC secured an impressive 6-1 victory over Padiham in the North West Countries Football League.

Joel Melia scored a low and hard hit into Charlie Taylor’s net in the 13th minute, and secured Padiham’s first and only goal of the game.

Steven Jones and Carl Peers missed the opportunity to equalise the match after both players fired just wide of the goal.


Levelling the playing field, Michael Ordish secured a rebound shot from the edge of the box in the 34thminute.

Tony Rendell snuck in another goal before the stroke of half-time, and secured his first win for Bootle FC.

Bootle FC Manager, Joseph Doran, told The Burble: “I think we started well. We started well in the first 10 to 15 minutes, but then they [Padiham] got the goal. It was one long ball which ideally we should have defended better.

“We came back from that quite well and to get the two goals in before half-time which meant our lead was really good. We got an early goal in the second half, so that changed the game. I think they played really well.”

Within the first minute of the second half, Carl Peers secured the teams’ third goal with a half-volley which flew into Padiham’s goal. The man of the match, Carl Peers, also scored the fourth goal.

The Buck’s effortlessly secured their victory, with Steven Jones shooting the fifth goal and Michael Carberry scoring the final goal of the match.


Bootle FC Captain, Liam Loughlin, told The Burble: “Today was a bit of a tough game for us, supposedly. They [Padiham] are a team who have taken points from other teams in and around the league. To win 6-1, we did not expect it.

“We are still in it for the league at this stage, and that is what we want. We want to still be in it next month and if we can try and stay close to people. Everybody is chasing us at the minute which makes it harder. Everybody wants to beat us, so we are the team to beat. That is why teams are upping their games against us.”

The win against Padiham puts the Bucks two points clear at the top of the table in the North West Countries Football League.


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