First place for LJMU Rowing women’s squad

By Paige Freshwater

LJMU Rowing women’s senior squad claimed first place in Head of the Mersey at Warrington Rowing Club.

The women’s senior four rowed against Warrington BC and LJMU’s novice team, which is made up of four first year students.

With a result time of 16:57:9, the women’s senior squad beat their closest competitor, Warrington BC, by around two minutes in the four kilometre race.


Cox of LJMU Rowing women’s senior squad, Lily Ferguson, told The Burble: “It was awesome. It feels really good to have won because we have worked really hard for it. The first length was pretty tough because it was against the wind and against the flow of the water. So, everything was against us.

“The second length was just so good. It went so quickly and everything was with us. We were flying. It felt so good. This is my first win this year and it is so exciting. I am so happy.”

The boats raced against the current in the first length of the competition before turning around and racing down the Mersey, and back to the starting line.

Cox of LJMU Rowing women’s novice squad, Gabriel Goldring, told The Burble: “It was quite a bendy course. We train on the docks which are quite straight, but I quite liked it because the big 90 degree turns are actually quite fun to navigate.

“The team did quite well. We had a shaky start and we caught a crab right at the beginning of the first length. We pulled it back and brought the pressure back up and we actually made a big gain on the boat in front of us. We really pushed into them and were about three lengths behind them.

“Overall, it was not the best race. It is the first one we have done as this four though, so it was a good start. I think we came a lot behind where our personal best is. We have done better pieces. It was just race day nerves.”


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